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Returning to work

Your break in work may have been your decision e.g. to look after children or to take a year out abroad, or forced up on you by illness or redundancy. Either way, it will have given you an opportunity to step back from what you were doing before. Do you want to go back to the same job working in the same way, the same hours? Or do you want something else?

Changes in your circumstances and the focus of your life may mean that you want to do things differently: To find a job that values the new things you value, allows you time to appreciate them and honours your other committments.

Life coaching can help you to be sure what job you want, to work out how you can get it and to 'go for it'

  • It helps you to focus on those things that you really do want and to let go of those things that you think you should want.
  • It opens your mind to possible ways of working and opportunities that you may not have considered.
  • It gives you confidence and helps you to work through any doubts you may have about your skills and knowledge.

typical issues

  • Now that I have children, I want to work more flexible hours, I am not sure how possible that will be in my old job.
  • I love the job that I used to do but the stress was making me ill.
  • My colleagues used to go out drinking every night, If I do not join them, it may influence my promotion prospects.
  • When I did my sabbatical abroad, I was happy to get up every morning. I want to keep that feeling.
  • I did not realise how much my old job was draining my energy until I had a break. Now I am not sure about going back to it.
  • I want to do something new but I am not sure what.
  • I want to change career but it feels like a big risk and I am not sure I could make it work.

To find out how life coaching can help you make that step back into the workplace into a job that is right for you, call or email me to arrange a reduced rate trial consultation (£20 for 1 hour rather than my usual rate £60). This is your chance to experience life coaching with absolutely no committment to continue with further sessions if you do not feel that it is right for you.

Telephone: 0845 0950330 (local rate from BT landline)