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Career Coaching

As well as standard career coaching, I also offer a more structured, specialist career coaching programme for people who want to find a new career that really matches their true nature, their passions, skills and values: The Fireworks Career Coaching Programme >>.

Standard Career Coaching
Whether it is a change in career or a change in job that you want, life coaching can help make it happen and ensure that you do not end up jumping into the fire just to get out of the frying pan. If you know exactly what you want to do but just want to find a way of achieving it, or you just know you do not want to carry on doing what you are doing, coaching can help.

What coaching can offer

Confidential objective help clarifying what you want and do not want in your new role

A means of identifying and evaluating your options and deciding what you want and how that will work

A sounding board for your ideas and a way of quickly converting ideas of what you want into actions to achieve them

A structured approach that allows you to organise what you want to do within a timeframe of your choice and create an action plan.

typical issues

  • I'm fed up with my job but I am not sure what I want to do instead
  • I want to change jobs and do something different but the only experience I have is the job that I am doing now.
  • I want a job with less stress and more flexibility/ more challenge and better pay.
  • I want to work nearer to home so I can spend more time with my children.
  • I want to be more confident in interviews
  • I have always wanted to work in publishing/sport/marketing/fashion... and now that my children have left home, I want to go for it.

To find out how life coaching can help you achieve your career and business objectives, call or email me to arrange your £20 trial 1 hour consultation

Telephone: 0845 0950330 (local rate from BT landline)